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33.700 ☆ Online Slitherio PRO Gameplay 2021

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Slitherio Epic Online Multiplayer Gameplay on Tablet
No Zoom No Cheats No Hacks No Mods

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Aim to head official,
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  1. O cara faz o bglh ficar chato de tão bom que ele é kkkk

  2. That last one got you good sir, plenty of food for him ❤😊

  3. Did a test to see if multiplayer was legit. Set my name to “if ur real do spin” and sure enough, I saw a red snake right next to me and he spinned

  4. You are so good at this game my high score is 26000

  5. I was skeptical when you put "pro gameplay" in the title cuz that's usually bs, but I just about shit myself when you dodged all 3 of those small snakes and didn't die to the black one who was challenging and then clapped him

  6. Blo on udah jago jago tapinya malah mati sama yang pro harus nya hati hati tapi GOOD JOP

  7. You are very good in this game. my highest score is atleast 5300 or something

  8. I can easily pass more than 10000 against bots but it's hard in online.

  9. Must be nice to actually be able to ply online

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