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James (@Metal_Slag) offers some handy advice for making the biggest snake in Slither.io.




  1. Tip: be a black snake with no name cuz u blend in with map so when u small u basically invisible to big snake

  2. It’s not pronounced sliter I O, it’s slitherio

  3. I can do better things, then you😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. #9:when you join in don’t go after the big opponents

  5. Bro this needs more attention 😂

  6. I have the the mobile version. How do I get the one where the pellets move around

  7. Thanks for the idea hope i will be able to use it wisely

  8. I almost always get to top 3 with my method of going to middle INSTANTLY and just wait for a big guy to die and then do everything from there. It does take some decent skill/ reaction time because you are staying in middle constantly but for me it works out well.

  9. Tricks dont work anymore. Mobile lags often (usually in the worst of times) and everyone knows how to do everything.

  10. 2- be close to your friends 4- coil around your enemies

  11. How do people go thru me when I have them trapped I don’t get it

  12. I get a mad delay in when i turn andnthe snake reacts. Makes it hard

  13. When your small is actually the best time to get in big fights

  14. yeah i got a tip dont try to kill other snakes wait for then to die

  15. Great! I am soft XD, i think coiling around other snakes is unfair. XD

  16. I’m a pro at slither my name is PjR

  17. I’m am a pro at this game you guys are noobs my best score is over 200,000 points

  18. Here is a tip to avoid being coiled: When you are being coiled, circle as far around as you can in it, this will allow you to kill the predator if they go too far into the coil. Be careful though!

  19. What happens if a little snake im coiling around takes me out somehow?

  20. I have a tip on how to kill big snakes
    so u see a big snake , and ur little . u can speed boost and when your face snake is side by side by the big snake face , boost a little more and make a 180 , ty

  21. Hello thanks for the tips I'm a new subscriber nice to meet you .

  22. Here a good tip too be black with no name they can’t see you

  23. heres a trick. there might be these beaming dots that you should follow. it will take time but I think it will lead you to a big vein of orbs

  24. How to play slither io with classic mode? Its hard to to

  25. The way I consistently get top 3 every 2 or 3 games is this. Step 1. Get above 10,000 in length by zooming around and collecting kills near the center of the map. Step 2. Go to the direct center of the map. Step 3. Rotate yourself into a big circle. Be patient and Don't get greedy! Last, Don't get upset if other snakes grab particles from snakes that have run into your body. If you practice this strat, you will get top 3 nearly every game, but it takes patience so grab some music or a podcast and relax.

  26. Me using these methods
    Dash spammer: dash goes brr

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