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Better Than

Daz Games
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This game is wormis and is a rip off of but is it better?

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corsair 400c case
500gb samsung SSD
16gb of ddr4 ram
intel i7-6700k thats been overclocked to 4.7 ghz
an EK Custom water loop
red braded cablles
a 1 tb hybrid ssd for redundent storage
raphics card is a asus strix 980ti OC edition
powersupply is a corsair 750 watt modula
red LED’s

Capture device: Elgato HD Capture card


  1. To get to this video I typed daz io and clicking on the video the first thing I hear is eat my ass whole

  2. I have won 3time and its not so hard and your ssssoooo funny

  3. It's like Agario and Slither mix together I love it its highly addictive love it Daz God your reaction though 😂💕

  4. You should play little big snake. Its really addicting

  5. Instead of tapeworms, it's long ASS Catipillers…I see! 🤔😋😎

  6. 1:33 SHIT ON IT! anyone watch Friday Night Dinner? no just me? okay

  7. Jesus Christ this game could give someone a sezure this hurts my eyes so much.

  8. Well guess what I'm going to download… Find me in game. NIKKI 😉

  9. When he started rapping I actually could not breathe 🤣

  10. I laughed when daz said ‘’ I’ve got no one to play with right now” sorry daz

  11. when daz started dancing i was dancing with him 😂

  12. "Slither into my channel and eat my ass!!!" ~Daz Back 2019 😂😂😂

  13. Ssssssssssss. Im a sssneaky ssssnnakeee. AND I'M HERE TO EAT YOUR ASS!

  14. This video is old but if I had a pc genuinely I'd game with daz

  15. My gf just broke up with me, yh im a girl thats dating a girl. I watched this and it actually made me feel alot better

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