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Better Than

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This game is wormis and is a rip off of but is it better?

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corsair 400c case
500gb samsung SSD
16gb of ddr4 ram
intel i7-6700k thats been overclocked to 4.7 ghz
an EK Custom water loop
red braded cablles
a 1 tb hybrid ssd for redundent storage
raphics card is a asus strix 980ti OC edition
powersupply is a corsair 750 watt modula
red LED’s

Capture device: Elgato HD Capture card


  1. the game is both argo and the other which I forgot the name of

  2. The rebellion starts with you…katniss everworm

  3. When he said I'm catness ever worm I lost it

  4. DaZ is the best player I I'm your biggest fan😎🤗😜😱😺👍👍🙉 stay dazilong

  5. So true play with your frieds👍👌🤘💪👈

  6. "I've got no one to play with right now"
    inserts sad clip of daz in bnw filter
    I cracked up so much at that part

  7. Im not into Hunger Games but Katniss Everworm killed me😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  8. If anything I consider and Wormis both rip off's of XD The only difference is that is all little balls XD

  9. Can you please play slither io with Dave and can you please play Wormleys with Dave as well

  10. i thiNk it is a better versión cause u CAN talk AND listen to music

  11. its literally a mix between agario and slitherio

  12. im playing techno music while im watching this

  13. Those lyrics are funny as hell at 8:02, you should put it in a mixtape😂

  14. TwentyØnePiløts Panic!AtTheCrieBabies says:


  15. i go on obarous like this but the first ever one made but its cool

  16. daz I have anxiety not the type that you get once and a while the type that I can't go to sleep and the one where I can't talk to me friends about it and your videos helps me with my anxiety and I thank you

  17. Why people upset dad said so much stuff that are better than hey its free so why complain plus hear the beat is awesome but daz's dancing is more dazzling👍💟😂👋


  19. "WE FUCKED HIM" "EAT HIS ASS" "EAT MY ASS" wow a whole different level of Daz

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