Coding in One Week with JavaScript -

Coding in One Week with JavaScript

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This game clones all the core features of, including mouse-following controls, snake collisions, food, snake growth, eyes, and more. See how I did it in one week with JavaScript and the Phaser game framework!

Full tutorial series:

Final demo:

Source code:

Jonas – Flight


  1. this is what i see when I go to the websiteError: Server ErrorThe server encountered an error and could not complete your request.Please try again in 30 seconds.500 International Server Error pls fix i don’t know why u did not check

  2. I cant see the tutorial, the link seems to be broken 🙁

  3. Hardest part of the game is to make it massive multiplayer.. I have not found tutorial about it.

  4. Please, you can link to download this amazing game that you have created thanks in advance

  5. in my country we have a local internal network and in it we play games that do not need internet we have an and I would love to set up a please give me a link to download that demo that you did thanks

  6. What a game !!!, but can i ask you. Does you use WebGL in the game ?
    I really want to know, tks Loonride

  7. Did you bot your video? Why do you have like 8 comments saying this is awesome?

  8. Are you the creator of the game??? Awesome!!! Damn Professional

  9. its funny, ever comment is pretty much, "Wow this is awesome!"

  10. Good night, for many years I try to find someone with your knowledge, to try a way to play image only slither skin, is there any code that can do this? like the skin of England?

  11. you should try using and node.js to make a multiplayer version. That would be pretty cool

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