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Evolution From NOOB To PRO in Slither.io

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Noob – Angry Noob – Smart Noob – 50% Pro – Average Pro – Super Pro – Mega Pro – Master
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Intro music is taken from: Counter-Strike: Striker’s Rampage

Nerow – Titan
SunnYz – Senso
KUURO – Possession [Monstercat Release]
[Trap] – Pegboard Nerds – BADBOI [Monstercat FREE Release]
Elektronomia – Sky High [NCS Release]
Going Quantum x Psychic Type – Rare [Monstercat Release]
Clarx – Zig Zag [NCS Release]
Tokyo Machine – SPOOKY [Monstercat Release]


  1. Canada v. America
    Canada wins in a war where they just send a bunch of snake tamers to fight

  2. Smash puts 9 instead of 8 in his comment! LOL!

  3. It's better to play against AI it's easier they don't kill you or steal your food

  4. dhujauhgyhuhytfghggfdfghj (who likes ma language?)

  5. I have more faster kills from smash yes and l,m avrege pro player

  6. My like 50%pro my like this video ☺️👍

  7. Wow hi hi noob – pro oh May got

  8. This isn’t even real. Stop trying to give yourself credit for being good when it’s just scripting.

  9. I love when master destroys the big blue boy 👁👄👁

  10. Do not go arrow mod when u got kill by someone

  11. I like to troll people in slither.io😂

  12. هذا رائع جدا انت لاعبي المفضل في سليذر يو اشاهدك على الهاتف الخاص بي دائما 💜💜 smash the best player

  13. I can't give you a like because my youtube is old version i din't have a like or dislike bottun i love you your the best in world in this game keep going 😍😍

  14. Smash is the best gamer in the world

  15. no te orgullescas piensa con tu corazon

  16. I think i'm probably a "Smart Noob", working on "50% pro"!;):)))

  17. Who's your favorite?
    1.Noob, 2.Angry Noob, 3.Smart Noob, 4. 50% Pro, 5.Average Pro, 6.Super Pro, 7.Mega Pro, 9.Master

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