IShowSpeed Plays (FULL VIDEO) -

IShowSpeed Plays (FULL VIDEO)

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  1. As a person who programs and researches cpus for a living, his description of a cpu was by far the best one

  2. Kids are literally targetting him in this game bruh

  3. holy shit he get dono's every second .

  4. Donation: wager for drugs??

    Speed: Wtf…

    Also speed: chat should I wager? 🙂

  5. As mad as I get in this game I couldn’t wait see how and Ishowspeed would get

  6. I love this game as a pro player. Seeing people rage makes me have joy and makes me laugh at the same time

  7. 1:02 why did this guy donate to speed telling him to donate his money to ukraine instead of donating to a charity lmfao

  8. watching speed explain a CPU at 0:15 is hard to watch as a compsci student…

  9. One day speeds just gonna see a 100$ dono as nothing because of his wealth soon💀

  10. Hi speed i play that somtimes and im a really big fan 😍

  11. I'ma have speed build my second pc he's gonna be the next Linus Tech Tips

  12. I love how speed was super interactive with the chat this stream

  13. The CPU definition was by far better than the slither gameplay.

  14. 2:08 LOL THIS PART IS HILARIOUS😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  15. “Why is my stuff not working” oh I don’t know, your computer desktop looks like a waffle grid and your computer is in shambles considering the amount of cartoon bumps on your head

  16. 4:17 speed takes off headphones aggressive

    4:30 realized he broke them

  17. Bro I love your VODS its always really funny man. I don't have the time to watch Speed's streams so its always really nice of you to make these short VODS for people like me.

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