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Jumbo PLAYS SLITHERIO – Slither.io Gameplay

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  1. โหดสัสรัสเซีย

  2. every time when i watch jumbo, i think how the fuck is he so good

  3. всё-таки у тебя лучше получается играть в огарио.

  4. ***agar.io* player goes on *slither.io* for the first time**
    *goes online*
    *gets big*
    Small snake comes out of nowhere and kills him**
    Agar.io player: how did he eat me?!?!?!?!??!!??!!?!?!?!???!??!???!!!!!?!?!!?!?!?!? I was bigger than him I'm supposed to eat him!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Küçük yılan öldürüp güzel müzik koyuyorsun

  6. You didn't beat the 22.8 million score… Im disappointed…

    JK 😉

  7. ur one of the best players JUMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. What I like to do is stay super tiny then kill the biggest person cause I can feel that they are scream or bashing there computer lmao 🤣

  9. Que nostalgia es verme a mi de 12 años viendo esto :')

  10. My best score on that game was 22660 I’m horribleee

  11. The damn old days, when i was watching this dude's videos in the other account!

  12. You played with grian huh.. he fought a guy named jumbo onece

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