OMG! NEW UPDATE! - Gameplay Part 104 -

OMG! NEW UPDATE! – Gameplay Part 104

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OMG! NEW UPDATE! – Gameplay Part 104 World Record Gameplay – NEW Agario Style Game With Snakes! – Become the Biggest Slitherio Player By Eating Other Snakes Mass!! Play Here:

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  1. Masterov: im easly the best. (Like getting on leader board) Me: im Easly the best at Killing. One time I was at this multi colored guy skin in slither and like I cut his turn off, like he was so close at touching his body I didn't even know how I killed him but that was a lucky kill. 🙂

  2. I know your the best on the computer, but I'm the best on the ipad.

  3. In that update, that glitch was removed 🙂

  4. I sawww you MasterOv playy again on!! My brother and I love to watch your videos, your great in this game. We wanna team up and help you grow for your videos. My brother and I love to team up and make goood traps. We’ll keep looking for you! -Angie & Danny.

  5. With the make ur own slither just do the first few patterns then press ok it will work faster 👍

  6. It's 2019 and i still watch all these slither uploads cause i still play and i play with ur name and people fear me


  8. Press ok in make skin and it will make the patern

  9. I hate this game because this game is a idiot because I always die even I’m supposed to kill them and there’s so much lags which makes me die

  10. Atta b master ov. God bless man. Keep making the good stuff

  11. there is a youtuber called smash so good at the game

  12. You don’t have to do the whole snake you can press(OKAY)

  13. pros die to enemy's because they are weak 😂 but pros die to A.I

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