A.I. 1,170,000+ Score Epic Slitherio Gameplay - A.I. 1,170,000+ Score Epic Slitherio Gameplay

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  1. motivation to not break the house when you are about to arrive the Million and a little worm kills you :'u

  2. This is clickbait you didn't get 1.1m you got 100k

  3. Clickbait. Title says 1m points but only 100k points obtained..

  4. I think it's offline gameplay…. Playing again AI.

  5. Ухуууу я тоже слушаю NEFFEX

  6. The people who dislike are kust jealous that he's better than them😅

  7. Qual ea graça de jogar em off line igual você? 🇧🇷

  8. The video is Fake Is mode ofline

  9. este jugando el mdo de bots asi quien no >:V

  10. I always hated people like you like yall have to trap us to stand a chance kinda sad

  11. Not only is this against bots (So anyone with enought time to waste could do this) but where's that 170k or 1 170 000 score?

  12. Русские пролайкайте этот комент чтобы иностранцы подумали что я что-то умное написал

  13. Непонял а где все русские?

  14. This is still Clickbait and also do it online and then I’ll be impressed

  15. i think this is ur highest score yet

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