A.I. 260,000+ Score Epic Slitherio Gameplay - A.I. 260,000+ Score Epic Slitherio Gameplay

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Pegboard Nerds – Crying Shame (feat. NERVO) [Monstercat Release]
ROY KNOX – Earthquake [NCS Release]
[Dubstep] – Au5 – Snowblind (feat. Tasha Baxter) [Monstercat Release]
[Trance] – Au5 – Crossroad (feat. Danyka Nadeau) [Monstercat Release]


  1. He is playing in AI mode do you see how everyone has a username and not a single snake kills another snake? And when trapped every snake circles? CAUSE THERE BOTS

  2. 主がデカすぎて他のプレイヤーがアニサキスにしか見えへんくなってきた

  3. My best score is 183 thousand in slither I know a code,s 036890440388 035163430591 015067653242 029510381704 055794662919 030997032794 006852563709

  4. Gacha Tomboy. But I’m just really tired of it. says:

    This is a dif language

  5. ダッシュするとからだがなくなりますよ

  6. オフライン馬鹿にしてる奴多スギィ!!!

  7. 正面衝突の瞬間にうまくクイッてやると手っ取り早いw

  8. Congratulations. You found an English comment.

  9. 同じやり方でやっている😲

  10. 저기요 시프트누르면 먹은거 꼬리에서 다시 나와요

  11. ※普通のサーバーでこんなことしてたら序盤でもっとでかいのに更に囲まれて終わります。

  12. Single coil is fun to play but boring to watch. I use double sometimes triple coils (loops). It's much more challenging. Anyway that was 1 hell of an epic run!

  13. El canal está guay pero cuando eres de mediano tamaño que alcanza para enrollar a dos personas porque se enrolla xah3a al mismo tiempo te puedes convertir en comida

  14. AhsyrshtHzvzyzgzscyzzz5GsvssyrfswutszutgzvzvzvÝgfčź iùvvvvğ8hçfştyys6tffsvscuzt t🎀🏅🎖🇦🇸🚼🎀🏅🛂🏅🛂🎊🎊⚽🚼🏊🇧🇧🎊🏅🇦🇸🏅🎊

  15. ㅋㅋ짜고 친거네ㅋ
    지금당장 들어가도 저렇게 못하는애들 거의 없음ㅋ

    쉬운것처럼보여서 사람들 게임하게 만들어서ㅋ

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