- BLUE SECRET LVL UNLOCKED ! How to have Blue secret level ! - – BLUE SECRET LVL UNLOCKED ! How to have Blue secret level !

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Unlocking and finishing the Blue Secret lvl in slitherio.
Hope you will enjoy !

*ALL 11 CODES* (32 Cosmetics) :
(Crown code, bunny ears, cape super hero, wings and more !)
_*Code 100% working in slitherio mobile app and every one else in online mode can see your cosmetics !_

Video for the normal Secret Lvl :

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Musics :

NoCopyrightSounds – YouTube Channel


Robin Hustin – On Fire [NCS Release]

JPB – Top Floor [NCS Release]

Fabian Mazur & Arcando – Elevate [NCS Release]

Todd Helder – Never Stop [NCS Release]

Kozah – Cali4nia [NCS Release]


Hey ! stop going down in the description ! You crazy ? (thats not funny, ik.)
Feels good to be back to secret lvl after 1 year. Its hard to find it 😉

You guessed it, Happy April fool’s day ! ;D (yEs iK iTs A LitTLe BiT LaTe)

This end of description is creepy. Let me end it with a bruh.



  1. I’ll believe you when you show real footage of getting through the bees.

  2. little kid making a fake video be like:

  3. Lol it's 100% fake because the border has lines in front of it and he just edit them out lol

  4. Bruh it’s obviously edited the wall was moving

  5. This looks like it is faker the parents of dream stans and it is.

  6. Okay the editing from the first part got better and actually looks sort of legit. But this is pointed towards a younger audience to fool them. But I feel as if the editing quality went up highly.

  7. Bro у меня побольше 96.913😎

  8. I tried to do it and it didn't work for me and everyone else

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