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SLITHER.IO EXTREME RAGE! Got myself a skin and a good high score in slither io, so much better at slither io now than before! Next time I’ll get an even higher score on 😀 If you enjoyed the video then hit that Like button in the face and subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!


  1. Alternative Title: Lia screaming at a game for how long?

  2. 8:24 she had to lower the volume on it so our eardrums don't burst
    hopefully she is alone because if someone was there they would be like
    why is she screaming XD

  3. when someone circles you do a circle and keep your head in the mean protecting ur head so he will bang into the tail?

  4. Me watching this 5 years later because YouTube recommended this. 2021 COVID-19 is STILL here.

  5. 8:04

    Lia: It feels so good to have someone inside me.
    My mom: WHAT?!

    Like if you understand it 😶

  6. Does SSSniperwolf edit her own videos?

  7. It aggravates me when she does not boost to get the orbs😩😩

  8. Second time playing better than me 179 tries and still not on leader board

  9. I think it is a game to me but for her it is a tantrum to her

  10. Ur a great youtuber but pls avoid the bad words for 18 n below kids like me

  11. I once got first and dies me meaning my sis

  12. I’m watching the vid rn I haven’t seen her RAGE RAGe yet

  13. If I killed a big snake I would be like okg I finnallly f****ing did it !

  14. I saqw u today in slither. io, true i saw u, u were in 10 th position 😯😯

  15. Let’s get SSSniperwolf 30 million🎉😃

  16. That voice kinda scary sniper don't do that I literally watch you after midnight

  17. Lia said" I HATE THIS GAME" like about three times and still plays it

  18. I met you in slither io My name was mei i you cant see me couse im a noob btw love your vids snipperwolf<3

  19. I LOVE YOUR VIDS❤❤❤❤❤

  20. She’s like me when I play for like hours and I die by the smallest snake

  21. 👁👄👁 she be like nooooooo I wAs sO cLoEs

  22. I’m a pro a that game I can kill too people at a time it takes I practice

  23. One thing about sssniper wolf is that she doesn’t share her food

  24. ''this is the first time i got somebody inside me'' ''it feels so nice''

  25. I miss the rage I miss the rage I miss the rage I miss the rage I miss the rage

  26. That scream hurt my ears I’m a headphone user

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