SLITHER.IO GONE WRONG! | Cartoon Animation -

SLITHER.IO GONE WRONG! | Cartoon Animation

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SLITHER.IO GONE WRONG! | Cartoon Animation w/ TheFearRaiser
In this Logic Slitherio Animated Video, Jordan finds out what is and attempts to play it. As he realizes its similar to Agario it does no help to him as this new game is a different challenge.

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Animated by SkippyDip:

Voiced by Gizzy:


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  1. Don't mind me, just a random comment passing by.

  2. Super funny! I remember playing this game… my junior year of high school.

    Shoot. I've been graduated since June. is still a thing?

  3. Dude you should hit 10M subs your the best The FearRaiser!

  4. Hey I have a story for you OK for starts this happen a month ago and I am 16. OK I was going to a choir party because I am in choir and I went to it and sence Halloween was a week away are teacher said that we are going to a pumpkin patch carnival which was OK but see I had a fear of being touched by girls and I met one of my friends there her name is Veronica and she is 17 . she was with one of her friends and she has been trying to help me get ride of this fear. OK know see I was dressed as the assassin in assassin creed rogue and we went in the big corn maze in the dark and since I was basically the most shadiest person there and so I would hide in the corn and wait tell they gave me the signal that someone was coming and I would scare them and after a while it was fun but then I got lost in the corn and when I came out I was alone and afraid. So now I am looking for my friend and scared that I lost them and I met them 20 min later and when I see Veronica I just gave her the big hug and then it hit me I am touching a girl but it didn't phase me any more fear raiser text me to let me know if you will use this or not and want more details

  5. Baby do ahhahaahahah he wins and eat ball sacks yay

  6. I like the video Jordan keep it up 🙂

  7. BubbaDERP21, Cringe Initiation Program says:

    I died when he sipped out of cuphead

  8. I never eat anyone else…VEGEN SNAKE=WIN

  9. Jordan: prepare to be eaten alive mwhahahahahahahah
    Orange looking mother f****r: *kills jordan*,huh I won…………ooooooooh balls*weird creepy sounds
    Me: oh that's………..f*****g weird and disgusting and f********g something

  10. Cthulhu destroys a city fearraiser nothing to see nothing to do lol

  11. If your ever bored watch anime and join the Anime club!!

  12. Oh I know why you lost. It's because your playing it on a mobile device, get a pc you nerd burger.

  13. Nerd: kills thefearraiser

    Nerd: wait I won?!?

    Oh balls


  14. my strategy for this game would to rush the largest worm I could find, pop them by turning at the last second and then eating all of their balls.

  15. “ HAHA PREPARE TO BE EATAN ALIVE!” Then he just dies XD

  16. two one four seven four eight three six four seven says:

    he stopped minecraft and made anime…

    o V o

  17. Oh balls!!!
    Bbghbhgbhghbgyhbhhbbehome nbhbbghbghbbh

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