- HACKER vs. NOOB (Slitherio) - – HACKER vs. NOOB (Slitherio)

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Like: 10077 noob vs hacker or noob vs pro gameplay 😀 i hope u like it i thaught like compare players and see if u like that so make sure to drop a liek ! 😀 goal: 69 LIKES! 😉

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  1. I would like for you to tell me where this "hacker" is in the fucking video

  2. Don't worry I suck too jk I'm a new subscriber and this is the first vid I saw ur awesome and I can't wait to see more

  3. For a noob that never played the game he plays Well.

  4. Joenutius Flupenius Thiccington Przemysław III says:

    the noob is a pro and the hacker is a pro the only fact about hacking is him changing skins nothing else

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