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Acting: Lokesh
Camera & VFX : Abhinav

#snake #snakegame #slitherio


  1. eloanny Vitoria Gomes Andrade Andrade says:

    Muito corajoso 😀legal

  2. พุทธชาติ ละน้อย says:


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  4. These snakes look really cool but only these ones just the way they moved

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  6. Hola pasense por mi canal se van a divertir,

    PD:no estoy haciendo spam eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    Espero que mi canal les guste

    Por cierto buen video y que realista

  7. Алов шашам ахуйл

  8. Meu maior medo e esse animal meus deus do ceu

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