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When the game gets out of hand. grows and grows to gigantic proportions in real life, but hopefully this can be fixed.

VFX: Alexey Sidorenko

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  1. Her runs exactly to where the phone dropped 😂

  2. This would be scary to actually see in real life

  3. Mi gusano se come al tuyo ya me entiendes xd

  4. Это что, Россия?

  5. I like no one cares there is a giant snake running around the city

  6. Просто из дней России

  7. You guys are so funny and cool guys I play roblox says:

    Look at this dude

  8. Nothing I’m just watching Natchez I wanna be a worm contest is the contest and I don’t want to be I don’t want to watch Freddys I won’t watch lanky box with mermaids playing


  9. Hope none of the building get crushed 😬

  10. What the fuck is wrong with the snake

  11. Me: why is there a GIANT SNAKE out the window?

  12. I’m sorry but this is so cool

  13. wtf bro why am seeing a gaint snake n My house 💀

  14. я не замечал это сделано в россии!

  15. Props to the camera man for not getting eaten!

  16. ну тыже в россии живёщь там вывески русские

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