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Time to play with some fun challenges!
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  1. You guys are like the funniest youtuber

  2. You loose mass when you sprint so please stop

    Anyone else watching in 2019?
    Read more

  3. pat saying he was playing all they long at the start of vid
    Why was your final score28 then?

  4. 2020 anyone
    Btw today I was playing and I was first on the leaderboard.
    YAY 😊

  5. Hey guys I got a joke for ya: what did the dad say to his son when he caught him driving his car with out permission… NOKIA! Get it? No. Kia.

  6. Pats name is snake u later hahahah😂

  7. I love all your video's you guys always put a smile on my face 🙂

  8. I love this game and I love you as you play that game I love you

  9. I've gotten 30000 or more before. That was my highest score.

  10. Any body notice he said thirty third?

  11. PopularMMOs vines love 👍you friends PopulMMOs you

  12. I know it's an old vid but the best best name is on to snakeway

  13. Popularmmos the biger subs in 2025 is jelly 1st 2nd preston 5th is you

  14. But im a master only in offline i did in online so master

  15. So everybody's just here watching all their videos again huh?

  16. Gente passa lá no meu canal e se escreve q eu passo no seu

  17. The first sentence that he said was so wrong thar is a dude inside me

  18. 10:07 um you missed some points at the bottom right corner of your screen

  19. Pat: I feel bad for killing the people Pat seconds later: WOW I LOVE KILLING THEM

  20. Great Job! You got first place! That's unbelieveable!

  21. Luke 11:28
    But he said, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and keep it!”

  22. I’m depressed after the Owl House Season 2 Finale but watching this made me feel so much better. 😊

  23. There’s a dude inside me☠️💀💀💀

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