- Let's Do This! // Slitherio Gameplay (Commentary) - – Let’s Do This! // Slitherio Gameplay (Commentary)

Slither Sessions
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Like: 75… best game ever. Here’s a few games with commentary from this morning. I hope you enjoy!

The Most Addictive Game of 2016! ! ►.

Eat to grow longer, don’t run into other snakes. When longer, hold left mouse for a speed boost! Share on Twitter to unlock new skins!

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Music in this video:
3rd Prototype – Get In [NCS Release]
Underwater Dreams (Goblin Mashup) [Free Download]
Goblins from Mars – Birdman
Goblins from Mars – Give Me Candy
Goblins from Mars – Lucid


  1. bruh your voice is so calm. great commentary. I hate slither videos with some rando audio in the back with sucky kills

  2. Much better I love how you are so excited Great job I will definitely recommend you're commentary!!

  3. Slither Sessions
    Wats ur highest score??

  4. There was one game I played online where 10th place was only 5k


  5. Ayeee nice voice commentary ss ayeeeeeeeeee

  6. You should do this on your streams and every video you do

  7. You are a better commentator than masterov

  8. dude… I've missed too much. since when do you use a mic? it's great!

  9. i normally doe coz i droped my xbox controller XD

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