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Slither Logic 8:
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Slither Logic 1:
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Slither Logic 8:

Slither 1 and 5: CrikeyDave:
Slither 2: Pivots:
Slither 3:
Slither 4: Moob:
Slither 5: JitterJoe

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Cartoon Animated funny snake cartoon inspired by popular game SLITHER.IO. A fun mobile game perfect for streaming and let’s play. This is a cartoon animation on slitherio. The animation was produced and created by Gizzy Gazza (animated by a third party). Gizzy Gazza Logic Cartoons. Gaming Parody Cartoons!

#slither #CartoonAnimation #slitherlogic

Epidemic Sound.
Kevin MacLeod (
All music copyright free to use.


  1. The odd1sout saying "your mom" is the best thing ever

  2. Sally: are you going to keep doing worm puns because-

    Theodd1out: your mom

  3. 10:25 this dude apeard out of nowhere. snake1:*does like goku*

  4. Funfact:snake1 used hacks to apear in the front of dylans face

  5. Dylan be like:how did you do that.

  6. Did you notice that The other guy was is called Jorge and now his name is

  7. Actually I think I’m just seeing things or maybe not

  8. fun fact: there are always people like dylan and andy in every game

  9. lol him saying i love having tea parties😂 bruh them saying i love eating balls imagine theg actually meant it🤔

  10. One second silence for those who thinks who am I taking there

  11. I love how the snake rights now girl name was PETA

  12. 4:08 Na pos xddd yo si soy spanish. my main language is spanish but i still know a LOT of english. i actully like english more

  13. I THOUGHT IT WAS GIZZY GAZZA!!!!!! Its never gizzy gazza

  14. "I love eating balls!"

    me and my brother: S U S

  15. Wait this a year old I thought this is older

  16. I love eating balls the rock be like: caught in 4k

  17. 3:02 – YOU. I'll get my revenge what you did to me last year.

  18. Go watch my new cartoon Fall Guys Logic 🙂

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