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Time to play with some fun challenges!
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  1. 9:42 Lol he went at an ad while he was doing a challenge

  2. The green with the smile is the youtuber jelly

  3. The green with the smile is the youtuber jelly

  4. when rainbow guy went around pat, it looked so cool

  5. THIS GOT 14 MIL VIEWS congrats to them wow

  6. Why had this come up on my recommend 4 years later xx0

  7. me knowing that the skin is jelly : WHAT DID HE DO TOO YOU
    also me : ROASTED

  8. imma just go onto this game and name myself bealzebub, the sin of gluttony

  9. You're so good at it! How! You're just awesome that's probably why. Does anybody else agree that he's great at this game?

  10. When pat had an add on I tried pressing the skip button and I went forward

  11. What i always do when im playing slither I.O: CHASE DA GLOWING MOVING DOT AND BE VERY CAREFUL

  12. That is jelly skin look it up it's a YouTuber that skin u skin u said looks bad and u. Want to kill him ummmmmm u regret it now

  13. What song is this you are playing it sounds cool

  14. Pat the skin u are using is the jelly skin lol

  15. You die you die in real life im joking😂

  16. Listen to the intro whit your eyes closed what do you see

  17. Love you both, thanks for all the great memories.

  18. Pat roasted jelly without even knowing 😂

  19. why does it look like hes playing with bots lol

  20. Learning innuendos as an adult has ruined me

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