Secret creepy level - Secret creepy level

Don’t Turn Around
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Like: 96939 has a secret level. This video will show you how to get on it.

Tutorial: The secret level can only be accessed with a snake of a certain size, and by attacking the border in a particular direction. After hearing about it forever on the forums, we investigated and recorded what happens when you enter the secret level of

Sorry about the gameplay lagging on the screen. Our recording software isn’t great and our computer isn’t graphic intensive. But we hope you enjoy our gameplay and use this tutorial to open the secret level yourself.

If you can get further in the game than us, please comment below. We’d love to know what happens after we died.

What is your largest snake? Let us know in the comments. We will also give you a update when someone bests our gameplay and gets further on in the game.

Check out my other channel “The Creepy Phone” for other creepy and scary stories that happen on your phone:

Don’t Turn Around is a channel where you might get scared, but the horror is always fun!


  1. bruh that grey giant was so cheap… WHY DID IT GET ME T~T


  3. I watched this when i was 4 im now 7 it still feels notalgic


  5. if i found this when i was a kid i would of had a mental breakdown

  6. Yeah I was like HOLY SH!T
    When I saw that LEVEL MAYBE A MILLION snake pop up like
    not the snake jumpscare like zzzzzz

  7. This vid scared the shit out of me in middle school

  8. A moment of silence for all Timmy's and Billies that believed this…

  9. Dude how does this scare me it is just a big snake

  10. help i found my comment from 5 years ago, i was like 10 💀

  11. 2:27 welp its 4 am for me and i need a new pair of pants after that.

  12. Holy shi(t I got so scared by the massive snake coming onto the screen lol 🤣

  13. That big snake scared the crap out of me

  14. I actually been there before i dint know it was a secret level lol but i dint know there was a big snake there i dint see it plus i go to north east at the map and sometimes north idk what is happening and its kinda a coincidence that the snake skin looks like mine few years ago

  15. When i was age 5, my dad borrow my tablet, then he starts playing.But. Something is not right, he go to the red barrier, he crashed then HE JUST DID NOT DIE!!!!!!

  16. I watched this when I was a little kid and I believed it so I tried it lol

  17. At the bottom of the description it tells that it's fake. And when I was young I thought it was real 💀

  18. bruh i tried hacking and spectator through the barrier
    theres a bunch of eyeless snake stuck

  19. i remebered this video. back then when I was I kid I thought this was real and kept trying it in the game lol

  20. I hate those why would you show creepypasta when I'm watching a video

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