- Small Vs Giants #4 | Slitherio Epic Moments - – Small Vs Giants #4 | Slitherio Epic Moments

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Eat to grow longer, dont’ run into other snakes. when longer, hold left mouse for a speed boost! Share on facebook to unlock new skins!
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Miles Above You by Jesse Warren
Frontier by THOMAS VX from SoundCloud
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• Title: Frontier
• Artist: THOMAS VX
• Genre: Dance & Electronic
• Mood: Bright
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Track Info:
• Title: Miles Above You
• Artist: Jesse Warren
• Genre: Dance & Electronic
• Mood: Bright
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  1. Hi I’m span furdbkrsvmk hahaha

  2. ESAS 2 canciones que pusistes estan originales

  3. I like how my sis was watching journey to the end of the earth and this is me

  4. I can't get #1 in online but I get #1 in offline

  5. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiíiuuuuiiiiiiiiisíiii

  6. At 0:01 there is a white snake with orange eyes, how do I use that snake? I don’t have it

  7. my fav thing in this game is to get big and circlea bunch of small ones and watch teh battle royale

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