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  1. When someone is circling you , you can go QUICKLY where they are gonna end their circle and start circling you but instead right before they finish their circle to start killing you you can aim for the end of the circle and quickly get out…..another strategy is that if you bigger than another snake and that snake is circling another snake quickly circle the both snakes!! Bam , lots of loot

  2. This is my stategies just eat all of the dots😎😎😎

  3. The middle of the map is not the only place that is very tight aka full of snakes when a big worm is near it can be anywhere thats where the most snakes are.

  4. tip: bigger snakes drop food
    follow the trail of food

  5. I have an trick when your trapped they make the hole smaller and u have a chance to kill them

  6. Do you not know any so why am I watching this because anyway I don’t know anything about winning slither I/O so I’m watching your video to see

  7. ummm waht about you see them i'm not go so i hope it work but then you see them look at then amd soom

  8. Unspeakable I didn’t know you did this

  9. I already do all of this cuz i figured it out myself

  10. circle around then a snake will come close when you are close to the head then it the head quickly

  11. i think i was in the video…
    that is me…

  12. tip if u name yourself I'm Doomed like that u can go on luky servers and have a luky luck for u to be on the leaderborad or be big! yw if this works for u!

  13. In the background you can hear fingerbang from Geometry Dash

  14. Try to pretend you are a bot then go straight,someone will follow you the boom!get in front of their heads!

  15. Wait unspeakable only got 250 k views in 5 years

  16. Killing big snakes is not that easy that u told

  17. The best thing to do:is when someone big comes after you when you’re big go around so that they can die and hit their head on the body,or circle them

  18. What I would is circle someone and if someone is going to circle you go around their whole body

  19. Backpacking & Volunteering in Europe says:

    very obvious tipps, c mon!

  20. when you are circled try to get in to a ball an d then they will probally try to cut off some of the area you are circled in but when they do that try to cut them off if they don't well you will probaly die so yeah i think thats a good strat

  21. u literally called the worms snake
    anyway thanks for the tips i guess

  22. Here's a tip you can look like you have left the game and then when someone tries to kill you start going fast and then you kill them

  23. My strategy is sometimes go straight forwards and pretend to bump in to them and then quickly turn around, it always works for me!

  24. If you're a big snake you should circle people but in a big circle until they give up or if somebody's coming at you when you're a big snake and you're about to make you bump into them make a sharp turn and speed up to them and circle them make a little escape for them then they will try and get out and then you speed up and they bump into you

  25. Another way:name yourself i will get revenge

  26. bro i didn’t even know this was unspeakable

  27. my tip is if you are a big snake dont round because a snake who can kinda circle you can surround you

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