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Watch as SSundee becomes a urine snake and tries to cannibalize all the other snakes!! Will he be able to see his name on the leaderboard?! Or will he die a horrible death of doom?! Lol, Thanks for watching! I appreciate the support and any ratings would be greatly appreciated also!

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Tobu – Such Fun
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  1. I love this 37 seconds after he was #1 he died lol!

  2. It's funny that when you're big there seems to be a lot more snake remains.

  3. are you sirious * ** ***** ***** ***** ** ** ***** ***** *****

  4. Wow your better than Brandon and Jelly

  5. 3:45 try to have it paused at the end of that second. sundee is hacking or that other dude

  6. I already know this game😆😆😆😆😮😮😮😮⚽⚽⚽ to 🎯

  7. Crazy to think that at 7:57 that was me in my 5th grade math class, I came home freaking out that I was in his video and now I’m in 11th grade about to graduate looking back at this

  8. Hello I come from the future (2022) there has been a 2 year pandemic but we don’t know how long it’s gonna be and children r getting dumber and dumber so watch out 4 2020

  9. “5 years ago” late 😂 Hit like, before watching 👍🏼 lol

  10. I didn't know this video was uploaded SSundee

  11. I was the rainbow my name was cute:) you killed me

  12. The intro and the thumbnail are a bit uncomfortable

  13. 5:43 "I was inside of that dude. laughs I really need to edit this video well." – Ssundee, 2016

  14. Dang he's changed a lot through the years

    If you agree(You don't have to like)


  15. Hello I am from the
    Future even more then this guy😊

  16. Hii I am from the future 2023 you have Covid and a whole bunch of crazy stuff

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