Slitherio Hunt For The Full Set Series 1 Mystery Blind Bag Opening | PSToyReviews -

Slitherio Hunt For The Full Set Series 1 Mystery Blind Bag Opening | PSToyReviews

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Today we have a full box of Mystery Slither Figures from series 1. We are on the hunt for a full set. Do you think we can find it? We are going to open up blind bags until we find a full set or run out of packs. Also, check out the cool plush Slither figure. These will be coming out soon so be on the lookout at your local stores and don’t forget to leave a comment letting us know which Slither you liked the best.

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  1. Paul is funny when he says hello everybody


  3. My favorite is the blue with white dots its cute

  4. Ahhhh you called the yellow black and white bumble bee stake it’s the yellow and black one

  5. The black white and red one should be named the Atlanta Falcon one

  6. The yellow red and black snake looks like Mickey

  7. $10000000.0000000..0.0.0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0.0..0.0

  8. who agrees Shannon should make a Snapchat account and post about the kitties?

  9. I left to say ultra rare not ultrasound rare

  10. Daytona Chaos The Destroyer (Dog Army) [AMD] says:

    you are the best

  11. Name the blue yellow and red one Chris after my cousin who died 😰

  12. The gas thing snake its paid pantry convince store

  13. I think the white one with orange eyes is defected 😂😂😂

  14. All the ones Paul wanted at they start he got double of

  15. I love the game but my parents don't get me them

  16. The primary colors are red, blue, and green. Not red, blue, and yellow.

  17. There would be another sires 2 with figures with tags like in the game

  18. comeon ultra rare wihte and orange eyes i want to see him

  19. yay they found the ultra rare i like him alot i love his eyes

  20. Hey guys:) could i pls have your duplicates? Great video by the way!❤

  21. Their faces should all be a little different

  22. I would call the Ultra Rare Scientist slither, because its all white which reminds me of a lab coat, and the orange eyes are like scientist goggles

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